Saturday, February 25, 2006

MORE crazy ideas?

Performed last night for the first time in MONTHS. Comedy Store Belly Room. Expected to BOMB, and the funny thing is that I was prefectly prepared for and okay with that. Debuted "Good Friday". It needs quite a bit of work, but it has some promise. Kate doesn't like my "metrosexual" bit, she thinks now it's too overused. That bit is still getting the most laughs. Go figure.

I also realized today that I will finish four marathons in four months (OC Marathon - Jan, Austin Marathon - Feb, Napa Marathon - Mar, Boston Marathon - April), and then I started thinking...

MAY - ?
JUNE - ?
JULY - S.F. Marathon
AUG - ?
SEPT - Angeles Crest 100-miler
OCT - Long Beach AND Nike Women's
NOV - New York City
DEC - Cali Int'l

If I can only figure out a marathon for May, June, and Aug, then I'll do a marathon (or more) every single month this year! I've got some serious issues, I know. Comedy and running. Running and comedy. My life IS a joke...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

100-miles in ONE DAY, the APPLICATION...

Holy smokes, a DREAM (that could become a nightmare?) is becoming more and more REAL by the day...

I went for a 5-mile run this morning with a client, and I started to THINK about it... I have to run 20-times that distance on Sept. 16th & 17th.

Over "mountainous terrian". From Wrightwood to Pasadena over the San Gabriel Mountains. I get tired DRIVING that distance. WTF am I thinking? ROFL

I am examining the WAIVER I have signed and am about to mail in REQUESTING they admit me into their race, it mentions: extremely difficult and hazardous conditions including snow, lack of water, communicable diseases, wildlife, vehicular traffic?, incapacitation, death, AND even "Acts of God" (the application mentions this TWICE!).

Back to LAST September: after getting lost with about 10-miles to go in my 53.2 miler (that became a 54-miler), the photo (to the RIGHT) of me having a serious conversation with my water bottles (around MILE 41) asking them if I should throw up or not sort of sums up the insanity of these ultra-marathon events (and it's participants)... CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TALK SOME SENSE INTO ME?!?!? PLEASE!?!?!

I'm mailing in this badboy tomorrow. I am nuckin futs. :)

Angeles Crest 100-Mile Endurance Run

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