Friday, March 10, 2006

3/10/06 -----> 3:10:06

My magical marathon day is today. My ONLY "Boston Qualifying marathon time", set on December 5th, 2004, at the California International Marathon in Sacramento, was 3-hours, 10-minutes, and 6-seconds. 3/10/06. March 10th, '06. Yeah, I'm the crazy sentimental type, but I notice this little freaky stuff. Between my initial marathon PR (3:11:11 in Chicago) and establishing a NEW marathon PR, it took me 26 months (with 9 of them in recovery from a nasty tendonitis-like knee injury) to lower my best effort by a meager 1-minute, 5 seconds. OR a scant 2-seconds PER MILE!

I have run 3-marathons in 3-months this year (check out's RESULTS SEARCH, enter ANY name and the year and it'll pull up MOST official marathon finishes) with designs on doing BOSTON in April (a new PR?), the 100-miler in September, another fast marathon in December (Cali Int'l again?), possibly New York City in November (IF we get in), and a few other opportunities that will likely include the S.F. Marathon in July, a marathon (of effort & distance) in October, and a couple of FAST half marathons in June (R'n'R San Diego Half? Shhhh) & August (America's Finest City Half - San Diego). And WHO could forget the Bay To Breakers 12k in S.F. in May!? It's going to be my WILDEST race year yet!!!


Now, time for a little prayer...
Dear God,
Please guide me to stay sane and smart enough to NOT GET INJURED with all of these crazy races and goals this year. I just keep wanting to run farther and faster than EVER. I feel like I'm racing against the clock! I'm gonna be 30!!! I feel like Sally from When Harry Met Sally... pathetic. So, grant me the peace of mind and clamness of soul to continue to help others with my running AND set an example with my patience. 2005 was amazing and 2006 can be so much more.

More on this madness soon...
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