Monday, May 08, 2006

the pure JOY of OT Playoff Hockey!

Ahhhhhh, playoff hockey is back. First time in TWO long years. The JOY of PLAYOFF HOCKEY is OVERTIME. There is nothing like it in ANY other sport. SUDDEN-DEATH OVERTIME PLAYOFF HOCKEY. Tonight, we were getting ready to watch the San Jose Sharks (GOOOO SHARKS!!!) host the Edmonton Oilers in Game 2 of Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and OLN had coverage of the New Jersey Devils - Carolina Hurricanes. The Devils and Hurricanes were locked in a 1-1 tie for the entire 3rd period and we were excited for OT, but not completely thrilled since the coverage for that game would overlap our Sharks game. Then, with 21 seconds left in the 3rd Period, the Devils SCORE!!!! Game OVER! NO, THE GAME IS NOT OVER YET... with 21 ticks left, Carolina elects to pull their goaltender for the final 21 ticks AND the ensuing faceoff. Two of the top faceoff guys in the NHL, Brind'Amour vs. Elias. Elias WINS the draw for the Devils, but dumps it way back into his own zone and 6 Hurricanes go to a FRENZIED forecheck. With 3.0 seconds left on the clock, Carolina TIES the game! Pandamonium!!!

We were EXCITED then we realized... NOOOOOOO, the Sharks game won't come on until OT is done! No! Now, somebody must WIN in the first 5-min of OT, ANYBODY, PLEASE SCORE!!!

Carolina answers our cry... 3-min into it...


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