Saturday, April 08, 2006

Crazy 8's... psychosomatic, addict, insane...

5 days 'till BOSTON. The 'BOSTON'. The race to end all races. The OLDEST continuously-held footrace in the world. This year will be the 110th running of the Boston Marathon, held annually on Patriot's Day (a Massasschussets holiday that commemorates the midnight ride of Paul Revere). I have only had a handful of races THIS BIG (i.e. with this much emotion, pressure, and significance) in my life...

1. Meet of Champions / State Qualifying Meet, Cross Country - Nov '94
2. California State High School Cross Country Championships - Dec '94
3. Chicago Marathon - Oct '02
4. Cleveland Marathon - Apr '04
5. California International Marathon - Dec '04
6. Boston Marathon 2005 - PART I (Apr)
7. Sierra Nevada Endurance Run 53.2 Miler - Sept '05
8. Boston Marathon 2006 - PART II (Apr)

I need to PACK and SLEEP. So much to do and SO soon...

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