Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sharks feeding frenzy in LA...

5 - 0 baby! FIVE - LOVE...

Kate and I went with our good friends Anita & Eric to see the San Jose Sharks POUND the Los Angeles Kings into near submission at the Staples Center on Thursday night. It was an equally important, no, it was a DESPERATE game for both teams. SO important/desperate that I (for the FIRST time ever) donned my Pacific teal, silver and black face paint at a Sharks road game, in an 'enemy building'. I typically get yelled at, taunted and pelted with peanuts when we go to Sharks games at Staples Center, due primarily to the fact the Sharks OWN the Kings (they are 6-1 this year vs the Kings and have 15-wins, 2-losses, and 1-OT loss in the last 18-games vs LA, 31-out-of-36-possible-points!). WE LOVE LA in more ways than one!!!!
I made an important addition to the face-painting this time around... BLACK EYES and LIPS... made me look a bit crazier and a bit meaner. Surprisingly enough, there were NO LA fans who said a WORD to me this time around. I got many curious stares, but not ONE comment was made. Not ONE peanut was thrown. And that was even more impressive considering the can of whoop-ass the Sharks opened up on the Kings. It was one of the most THOROUGHLY enjoyable hockey games I have EVER seen. Kate has been a Jonathan Cheechoo fan for 3 seasons now, and he did NOT fail to impress, scoring two more goals to bring his season total to 48 (tied for 3rd in the NHL right now). I am becoming more and more of a Steve Bernier fan myself. Might have to go out and get a 2005-06 Sharks home jersey, alternate jersey OR road-white jersey to have Bernier's rookie uniform!!!

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